Sight Distance, acrylic, ink, graphite, book pages on board, 24 x 28" 2013



Counsel Langley grew up among shipwrights and foundry workers—people with strong traditional skills and respect for materials. Their influence played a large part in her choice to study metalsmithing at Massachusetts College of Art (earned her Bachelor’s of Fine Art, 1999). The rigor of metalwork honed Langley’s discipline, steady hand, attention for detail, and love for surface treatment (rough, smooth, matte, shiny, sparkly, natural, mechanical etc).  Her work remains rooted in a metalsmith’s approach to making art.

Langley’s mixed media pieces have been widely exhibited; recent venues include the Museum of Northwest Art, Roq La Rue, PUB Gallery at Peninsula College, OGHE Ltd., and Bridge Productions. Her work is held by the Seattle City Light Portable Works Collection and ArtsWA Public Collection. Langley’s work has been featured in Seattle Magazine, City Arts Magazine, Meat For Tea: The Valley Review, Trickhouse, Beautiful/Decay blog. Her love for cross-discipline collaborations sparked opportunities to work with literary publications Filter Literary Journal, Poetry Northwest Magazine, the creation of album art, scenic design, and illustration.

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I think in terms of a ZOOM in/ZOOM out quality of life: zoom in on the immediate:  food, jokes, bills, lovers, traffic, temperature . . . zoom out: oceans, volcanoes, solar system, sugar molecules in space, a planet made entirely of diamond, vast wastes, dark matter, universe, multiverse . . . repeat. This is wrapped up in a childlike sense that so much is happening all at once; tigers and happy hour exist on the same planet, Jupiter and Twinkies share a solar system.

Using acrylic paint, graphite, ink, as well as, collage with my own manipulated photography (often using actual photographs of a work in progress, flipped, repeated, resized and printed back into the physical to use in the work), generous amounts of glitter, paper, and various found materials. Much of my work comes down to finding  balance between two opposing approaches. One, loose painting techniques: dripping, pours, flow and scatters which effectively represent natural elements – weather, water, clouds, smoke, etc. And the other, using architects’ tools, templates and compasses to rigorously draw controlled lines, concentric circles, grids and repetitive dots; using these to reflect structures and infrastructures that we build.

I am influenced by the look of outer space, computer chips, dramatic weather, electric circuits, decay, rock-n-roll glamour, plans and diagrams, b-rate sci-fi control panels, urban environments, fluid turbulence, engineering schematics and architectural drawings, and, increasingly, the stunning good looks of the Pacific Northwest.  In my work there are things that come up again and again:  Lost highways, nebulas, grids, geometric forms, mysterious powerful ladies who appear to be performing strange rites, mountains, animals, the woods, water in all states (solid, liquid, vapor), and cities, often isolated and/or in a state of decay.



Fort Worden, Art in Public Places, Port Townsend WA
Earthenworks, Port Townsend WA
Peninsula College Gallery, Port Angeles WA
Ghost Gallery (with Amelia Layton-Reed), Seattle WA
Ghost Gallery, Girl Meets Universe, Seattle WA
Museum of Northwest Art, Resonances: Contemporary Echoes Modern, Invitational, LaConner WA
Mithun Architecture, Fluid Structure, Seattle WA
Gossamer Collective, 2 Sides 2 Every Story, Seattle WA
Canoe Social Club, B-Sides, Seattle WA
AOT, Cloud Atlas, Port Townsend WA
Suite 100 Gallery, Urbanity, Seattle WA


IGCA, Members Exhibition, Anchorage AK
Ghost Gallery, Seattle WA
Bridge Productions, Many Lands, Invitational, Guest Curator Ben Gannon, Seattle WA
PT School of the Arts Gallery, Port Townsend, WA
Jefferson General Hospital, Curator Michael D'Allesandro, Northwind Arts Center, Port Townsend WA
Northwind Arts Center, Art Port Townsend, Juror Kathleen Moles, Port Townsend WA
Northwind Arts Center, Art in the Library, Port Townsend WA
Ghost Gallery, Into the Woods, Seattle WA
Steele Gallery, BLACKgreyWHITE, Invitational, curator Julia Hensley, Gage Academy of Art, Seattle WA
Northwind Arts Center, Coming Unbound, Port Townsend WA
Roq La Rue, Red Current (sweet fruit), Invitational, curator Sharon Arnold, Seattle WA
St. John's, Ghost Gallery Off-Site Exhibits, Seattle WA
Collective Visions Gallery, CVG '12, Kathleen Moles juror, Bremerton WA
Northwind Arts Center, [so] Much [too] Little, Invitational w/ Gala Bent and Sharon Arnold, Port Townsend WA
Artisans on Taylor, You, Me & Geometry, Invitational w/ Ollie Glatzer and Shellee Miggens, Port Townsend WA
Port Angeles Fine Arts Center, Back Country, Port Angeles WA
Richard Hugo House, A Good Line: Artists on Poems, Invitational, Seattle WA
Northwind Arts Center, Art Port Townsend, Gary Fagin juror, Port Townsend WA
Port Angeles Fine Arts Center, Strait Art, Port Angeles WA
Brooklyn Art Library, The Space Between Us, Brooklyn NY
Port Angeles Fine Arts Center, Strait Art, Invitational, Port Angeles WA
Mighty Tieton, 10x10x10xTieton, Tieton WA
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Canoe Social Club, Uneasy Heavens Await Those Fleeing, Invitational, Curator Jen Borges Foster Seattle WA
Canoe Social Club, Calling Card, Invitational, Curator Anne Blackburn, Seattle WA
Bunny Gunner, Summertime, Invitational, Pomona CA
Port Angeles Fine Arts Center, Strait Art, Invitational, Port Angeles WA
Art House Gallery, Atlanta, GA. Traveling Exhibition: Museum of Contemporary Art DC, Washington, DC. Chris' Jazz Cafe, Philadelphia, PA. Laconia Gallery, Boston, MA. Antena Gallery, Chicago, IL. Soulard Art Market, St. Louis, MO. 3rd Ward, Brooklyn, NY. Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA), Atlanta, GA. Chicago Art Source Gallery, Chicago IL
CoCA, HYBRID, Seattle WA
Stylus Salon, Ghost Gallery, Structure, Beauty & Decay, Invitational, Seattle WA
Art House Gallery, the canvas project, Atlanta GA
Suite 100 Gallery, Sweet 100, Seattle WA
AOT, Treasure, Invitational, Port Townsend WA
SOLO Bar, Ghost Gallery, Mini-Art Extravaganza, Seattle WA
Northwind Arts Center, The Alchemy of the Abstract, Port Townsend WA
Northwind Arts Center, Art Port Townsend, Northwest Expressions, Port Townsend WA
Artisans on Taylor, LIFEDOTDOTDOT, Invitational, Port Townsend WA
Wheeler Theatre, Fort Worden, Interactions: Art & Art, Port Townsend WA
Northwind Arts Center, Earth, Air, Fire & Water, Port Townsend WA
The Art Mine, Square One, Invitational, Port Hadlock WA

Washington State Arts Commission
Seattle City Light Portable Works Collection, Seattle WA


2019 Featured in Launch Campaign for Microsoft Surface Earbuds: Sizzle Video, Contextual Video, and Website
2015 Special Award, Art Port Townsend, Northwind Arts Center, Port Townsend WA
2012 3rd place 2D, CVG '12, Collective Visions Gallery, Bremerton WA
2010 Finalist: The Space Between Us, Arthouse CoOp, Brooklyn NY
2009 Nomination and selection for competitive purchase by Seattle City Light: Portable Works
2007 Best of Show, Art Port Townsend, Northwind Arts Center
1998 Mobilia Gallery Award, Cambridge MA


2018 Write for Children, Jolie Stekly
Children's Book Illustration: Focus on Style, University of California, San Diego
2017 Children's Book Illustration: Thinking in Pictures, Joy Chu, University of California, San Diego
1999 Bachelor of Fine Art, Metals, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston MA


Program Manager, Port Townsend School of the Arts
Scenic Art Direction, Key City Public Theatre, Port Townsend WA
2008 to present
Arts Educator, various venues: Gage Art Academy, Seattle, PT School of the Arts, PT Public School District, PT Public Library, OCEAN Program, private classes/consultation
Curator, Shape of Water, NW Maritime Center, Port Townsend WA
Port Townsend Arts Commissioner, Position 9, served on Funding and Public Art Committees
Curator, LIFEDOTDOTDOT, Artisans on Taylor, Port Townsend WA
Curator, Heartbreaker, Artisans on Taylor, Port Townsend WA
Artist’s Assistant to Denise Marika, Boston MA
Teaching Assistant, Metals Department, Mass College of Art, Boston MA 


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2014 Poetry Northwest Magazine, The Social Media Issue
2012 Poetry Northwest Magazine, The Science Issue
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Hobo Camp Review, Issue 26. Winter 2016/17
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Visual Overture Magazine Artist of the Week
Pilot Books: SMALLS
Compulsory Listening


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