Set Design

This was wild and fun! I love cross-discipline collaborations and have got to work with literary artists and musicians, and now for the first time theater. Here's a shot of set design work I did for Key City Public Theatre. This is a near-future dystopian set for Shakespeare's Henry IV, Part 1.


Album Art

I have this little brother, this one and only sibling of mine, who is eighteen years younger than me and I love him. He is an excellent drummer involved in several music projects. One of these is a band of friends that have been making music together since adolescence. They are getting really good. 

They released a full length album and I got to make art for it. 

Please check out both album and art here:  Why We Are Here, Why We Left, Cold Comfort



Filter III cover, design by Kate Fernandez

Filter III cover, design by Kate Fernandez

Filter Vol. III has arrived. This 3rd issue of the entirely handmade journal is a box of wonder:

The cover has a paint-by-numbers theme, and the box structure is letterpress printed by Kate Fernandez of Fernandez and Sons (I absolutely adore this image). The book will be filled with brilliant work in individually bound chapbooks of prose and poetry, with art postcards and posters that you can remove and display.

the guts of Filter III as seen from above

the guts of Filter III as seen from above

About Filter Literary Journal:

“Filter is a literary journal made entirely by hand. Each issue contains erasures and other literary art alongside unaltered poetry, fiction and visual art. Filter seeks to represent the work it holds on a visceral level, so that the book is as carefully crafted as the poetry, fiction and art that it contains.”

There are many things I love about Filter, including:  the slow deliberate process of the handmade, which results in an object of sheer beauty and strong physicality; that it is its own record of the intense labor that went into creating it; the cross discipline inclusion of literary and visual art; and, possibly above all, that it “seeks to represent the work it holds on a visceral level.”  Filter is a rare treasure.

I am honored to contribute artwork to Filter for the second time. This time around my presence in Filter is in the form of recent painting, Dusk, which is included as a poster which can be removed and displayed!  This is especially cool since the original painting has very quickly gone off to a good home, so I’m super happy that the piece will get this ‘bonus round’ as a poster.

Dusk , acrylic, ink, graphite, paper, 30 x 30″ completed in 2011

Dusk, acrylic, ink, graphite, paper, 30 x 30″ completed in 2011

Filter Literary Journal is created and edited by Jennifer Borges Foster.

Contributors for Filter III are:

Yusef Komunyakaa, Zachary Schomburg, Stacey Levine, Amanda Manitach, Maged Zaher, Sharon Arnold, Martha Silano, John Osebold, Rebecca Brown, Counsel Langely, Ed Skoog, Karen Finneyfrock, Sean Ennis, Sarah Mangold, Gala Bent, Rachel Contreni Flynn, David Lasky, Elizabeth Colen, Sandra & Ben Doller, Brandon Shimoda, Ben Beres, Brandon Downing, Sarah Kate Moore, Dan Rosenberg, Susan Rich, Susan Denning, Sid Miller, Sarah Bartlett, Shawn Vestal, Marie-Caroline Moir, Lucy Corin, Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer, Jill McDonough, Jessica Goodfellow, Jessica Bonin, Friedrich Kerksieck , Erika Wilder, Elissa Washuta, David Bartone, Chris Dusterhoff, Britt Ashley, Becca Yenser, Anne Gorrick