couple things:

A Good Line: Artist on Poems has opened at Richard Hugo House in Seattle.   You are all officially invited to join us for the big reception on April 12th from 6 to 9pm!  Promises to be a great time.  Nancy Guppy from Art Zone (Seattle Channel) stopped by Hugo House to chat about their plans for National Poetry Month, includes a glimpse (don’t blink!) of one-half of the work I’ve have in A Good line; all begins around the 9 minute mark.

Seattle Channel Video can be played in Flash Player 9 and up

Already in progress is this year’s Strait Art exhibition at the Port Angeles Fine Arts Center; excerpted from the show text:

Counsel Langley’s precisely textured mixed media paintings hinge on dynamic tension between an underlying architectonic structure and organic bleeds that ebb and flow.  In AM Radio a matrix grid of perfectly aligned pulses blink weakly in the nocturnal landscape, while a sparkly wave of bright plastic crystals encrusts the landscape below like the lights of farms and cities seen from a jetliner flying through the night by instruments.

Strait Art runs through May 15th.

I am honored and excited to be a part of the visual arts team for PT Public Library’s first ever Teen Community Read.   There are many incredible events happening around this book.   I look forward to holding visual art workshops along with two fantastic artists, Jesse Watsonand Margie McDonald!!  All the info can be found in this week’s Leader.

I am nearing the one month mark in my role as fill-in on the daily photo blog A Year of Days.   Am pretty sure that last time a one month anniversary felt significant I was in junior high.  AYOD has been an excellent visual workout routine and has solidly become a habit.   If I were a big cheater there are some days I might be tempted to sub-out a day’s crummy shot for something from one of those great days when I have two or four to struggle to choose from, but no pain no gain.  And besides I’m wicked honest.  Here’s one of my favorites to date: