Mix Tapes for Paintings, Vol. 3!

MIX TAPES FOR PAINTINGS, Vol. III: Sight Distance ⚙️ "Since we've all agreed to stop doing Artist Statements (full disclosure: I'm making that up, I don't think we've agreed to this, but here's hoping!), AND since mix tapes are one of my most favorite things in this life, I am building mix tapes to accompany my paintings, soundtracks that go a long way to explain them. Each one made just as if I'd stayed up all night making it for one dear friend." ❤ lots satisfaction making these little objects, getting the soundtracks down, sharing more of what is happening in these worlds🔌

SIGHT DISTANCE SONG LIST >> SIDE A: Don’t Stop Believin, JOURNEY * Ashes to Ashes, DAVID BOWIE * Little Runaway, BON JOVI * Smells Like Teen Spirit, THINK UP ANGER FT. MALIA J * West End Girls, PET SHOP BOYS * I Bleed, PIXIES * Heroin, VELVET UNDER GROUND * Protection, MASSIVE ATTACK * Free Fallin, TOM PETTY * Thresholds to Adult Living, ATOM & HIS PACKAGE * Many Moons, JANELLE MONAE *** SIDE B: Common People, PULP * Fentanyl, McCAFFERTY * Los Angeles, FRANK BLACK * Shadow of a Doubt, SONIC YOUTH * Everybody Knows, LEONARD COHEN * The Crowd, OPERATION IVY * Ain’t Talkin About Love, VAN HALEN * The Sky Lit Up, PJ HARVEY * Living for the City, STEVIE WONDER * Rock-N-Roll, VELVET UNDERGROUND * Under Pressure, MERCURY & BOWIE

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